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To help Hong Kong enterprises in exploring and developing the Mainland market, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government setup a "Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales" (the BUD Fund) of $1 billion in June 2012.  The Fund aims to provide funding support to local enterprises (Enterprise Support Programme) and non-profit-distributing organisations (Organisation Support Programme) to assist Hong Kong enterprises in exploring and expanding the Mainland market through developing brands, upgrading and restructuring operations, and promoting domestic sales in the Mainland.

The BUD Fund comprises two programmes:

  • (i)  Enterprise Support Programme: to provide funding support for individual Hong Kong enterprises.  The Hong Kong Productivity Council acts as the Secretariat to assist in implementing the Programme; and
  • (ii) Organisation Support Programme: to provide funding support for non-profit-distributing organisations. The Trade and Industry Department implements the Programme.